Friday, January 06, 2006

2005 holidays with her..

met her.. on 8th of november.. at times sq.. she wore high heels.. thts all i remember.. we were with some fwens.. then.. walked to sg wang.. so on.. till the day ends.. at nite.. added her in msn.. thts how we start chattin.. lol.. and then the next morning i smsed her.. we got closer then.. on 13th of november.. we went to sunway pyramid.. wit a fwen.. ice skating.. was fun.. really.. after a few days.. realised.. she wasnt tht bad.. she was actually good.. =/.. untill 22nd november.. we went out again.. to times sq.. wit the same fwen.. we all wore pink.. and she gav me my bday present.. well.. it was fun also.. she bought me cookies.. we shared the cookies under the rain.. haha.. then.. 26th or 27th.. forgot.. =/.. went wit her.. to leisure mall.. planned to confess to her either on the 1st of dec or today.. i actually did tht day.. but she asked me to do it again.. during the 1st of dec.. i kno its weird.. lol.. so the 1st.. we went to times sq again.. where i first met her.. =).. and i confess to her in a funny way.. haha.. and then we took a cab to klcc.. i was really broke.. =/.. then watched movie.. and then back to sg wang.. then home.. haha.. we smsed everyday.. i really hoped tht i could celebrate my bday with her.. but she didint turned up.. she got another appointment.. she was confused.. either to come wit me to my bday.. or to go out to another place.. i asked her to go to the other place.. cuz.. my bday i went times sq.. the boring place.. =/.. but i really wished she could celebrate with me.. since then.. i started to feel so.. =/ i dont kno how to explain this feeling.. lol.. untill christmas eve.. went out wit her.. till midnite.. mebe go down and play spray or sumtin? haha.. untill at nite.. dont wana talk abt it.. tht incident.. bad and good.. =/.. haih.. dont kno.. lol.. then.. slowly everything got better.. untill new years eve.. went countdown with her.. nothing much happend.. but i saw the most beautiful fireworks.. =).. those were the happiest moments in my lifeee.. haha.. i kno its gay writing down this but.. just wana write it down sumwhere.. haha.. 2005.. memorable year.. =)