Thursday, November 29, 2007

its already four years now.

happy blmy day =)

and happy birthday shazrie.
25th November, Sunday.

some superstar came to leisure mall. her name was karen? XD

she damn cute dei =(

when she leaving.

her car =D

this was supposed to be her table, but she didnt come =(

manager belanja m&m's =D

my friend told me that you can order the muffins by saying dua india (chocolate), satu cina (vanilla) dan satu melayu (banana).

got my new flipflops from quiksilver


mine. my dad say looks like the on you can buy from morning market rm3.90 the blue one -.-

26th November, Monday.

It was the last day of spm to those who didnt take any extra subject and whos in pure sc. =) the minute i walk into my school i hear people screaming -.-

my ex head prefect. =)

on the way back i saw the same iran cyclist that blocked jalan loke yew and cause traffic jam that day -.-


went to watch Hitman. cool movie go watch it. and then went to mamak with tk 1.30 in the morning

ayam goreng =D

and i saw some fucker who didnt know how to park his car -.-

27th November, Tuesday.

Alex invited me and tk, andrew and jen yen to his house since his sister had birthday party, he wana celebrate after spm.

tk playing alex's nitendo ds.

julian's nasi lemak. got wantan no sambal o.O?

alex's mother homemade roasted chicken. i scared already everyday eat kenny rogers -.-

at night, me, tk, andrew, jen yen and bryan goh went to times sq to watch the kingdom. on the way we saw hindraf gathering infront of pudu jail

Sunday, November 25, 2007

23th November, Friday.

classic coffee shop.

its at jalan kamunting. i also not sure where izzit. lol

pork chop. classic man!

instead of french fries, they gave some sliced fried potatoes. XD

i was trying to fit in the baby chair.

24th November, Saturday.

did the opening for kenny rogers. so started work at 8am.

only bread story was open =D

after work , went to play football at mbs.

on the way backk.

im planning to go on a trip. any suggestion? maybe johor or anything. anyone wana come along? =D

Friday, November 23, 2007

21th November, Wednesday.

offday, went to times sq with shazrie.

mr potato.

then to pavillion.

paul frank. =D

rm50 rubberducks. actually im not allowed to take this pic.

22nd November, Thursday.

muffin man.

my custom made muffin. Vanilla + chocolate =D

Daniel and me

Thursday, November 22, 2007

i want to see how much can you change a year from now. make the world love you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

RE: a droll?

a very honest reply to mr-sensitive-when-somebody-tickles-his-SPOUSE

Tickling or petting a female for amusement or to kill mundane may sounds normal or fucking ordinary but for you it is fucking rude and scandalous. this shows how stupid you are because you are the extraordinary motherfucker that actually gives a shit about somebody tickling a female. I don’t give a damn if you give a fucking damn about this existing people with low intelligent of worse production but what I hate the most is that you hate the most when somebody is tickling your spouse. you make it clearly and serenely here like a stupid bitch that YOU DONT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THEM AND YOU LIVE ON WITH MY OWN WAY when nobody seems to care so much but to continue tickling your spouse. so obviously we all do know each an individual have own respective and reasonable thinking or whatever idiotic shits BUT MESSING WITH YOU is compulsary because tickling a female offend you like one motherfuck. i want you to swear upond your gods name that you actually screw your mom when she tickles you. YOU HATE PETTY SO YOU END IT PITILY like a mother fucker. YOURE NOT IMBUED WITH AWE OR ANGER BUT just jealous and according to you, LOVE IS NEVER WITHOUT JEALOUSY. so when you grow up and your girlfriend happends to love to tickle people around her, i bet you will die at a very young age which i belive your parents wont be very happy about their son's death because of a finger at the waist.

Perhaps, you are obviously from a nerdy and geek school so thats why youre not that so-called open minded that causes all the goddamn jealousy. For you, only fools with low intelligent who fight with its own shadow will do that kind of act, so you fuck them intensely like a pussy by blogging here in but for me, only motherfuckers who thinks tickling other people have low intelligent and will post this post thinking that spreading how jealous you feel can make people feel pity for you because your spouse is being tickled by someone else. You define it as the act, which lack of shame and in low reputation or a poverty faux pas act. Fucking blunder and fucking gaffe! But i define your act as one of the most stupid and lame act because making a big fuss out of tickling your spouse is seriously, honestly very, very, very stupid.

(I may sounds arrogant or dictatorial) <--- god dammit its "i may sound". not "i may sounds". please. use great english words but grammar like a bitch. So you obviously sound arrogant or dictatorial but if youre just being fucking honest, tell this infront of andrew's face because if you believe honesty have its own fucking rewards, you can go right up to his face and tell him exactly how you felt when he tickle your spouse and not becomming a fucking pussy to blog here in can you just imagine how stupid you are making a big issue just because of somebody poking your girl's waist. you may encountered this kind of whelp or muggle fuckers a lot of time because you go round telling everyone how much you hate it when somebody tickles your spouse which makes them wana tickle her more and you should be getting bored to fix or phase it because it will never end. If it reminds you of your ex, who was also got tickled by a FUCKING ST.JOHN feeble which maybe you meant JEN YEN and another ex who got touched or molested by her noob friends but remained silent, you are such a horrible asshole. if tickling somebody else can make you remember it so well, and you cant even let it go, i cant imagine how are you going to remember your first night having sex with someone. you will go blog in again telling everyone how you felt for at least ten years. so you better pray hard you never see anything worst than tickling because you might die thinking about it for years. Sorry, no offence. I'm just telling what i feel. Unfortunately, your spouse told you that they were gentle, in other word kind, lenient or other shits so you wouldn't come fuck all of us like grendal in beowulf. This is damn extra-ridiculous and outrageous for you because you think tickling your spouse is so bad that it hurts you so deep when you see someone else tickling your spouse. Well, mostly wanted you infuriated including me but unfortunately you're not. you just didnt have the balls to start something big but to blog in or TALK BEHIND MY FUCKING BACK like a pussy. you fucking know what you said and i wanted to get myself a goddamn ice cream. dont think just because you have a jiejie by the name of zhenpei you can be so proud of yourself. just because i happend to buy ice cream at the same time as you do when you were with zhenpei, you come telling everyone i wana get to know her. why the hell for i know alot more hotter girls got heavens sake. If you don’t mind becomming single, you wouldnt blog about this right now telling everyone how jealous you felt looking at your spouse being tickled by someone else but not you. it obviously feels much and much more better for you because its only you that feels that the world is going to end after your spouse is being tickle. when you mention about those fuckers and wonder why are they lacking in grace, you should also wonder at the same time why the fuck do you think that someone laying a finger on on your spouse's waist are lacking in grace. i personally think that someone that can go telling everyone that i dress like a bitch, i dont have anything special and etc. and tell everyone that i want to know your jiejie , maybe the prettiest girl you saw in your life when i happend to buy ice cream at the same time as you do is definately lacking in grace.

Joke you stupidly think it is that you received today, she said 'they' could tickle her because they are in single marital state and youre not. that dont sound like a joke to me =/.
Hesitated stupidly and you replied, (it is meaning) <--- omfg. the correct word to use --> 'does it mean' that I could even tickle my opposite gender friends since they are also in single marital state and ready to mingle? Make sense isnt it? obviously it does make sense because not even your mother cares if you go round tickling other girls. my mother used to tickle me infront of my father when i was young. so if my dad was like you, i wont have a mum since i was four. If she is trying to be good or showing some love to them since 'they' are really that pity, or perhaps shes just telling you something stupid for someone stupid like you to belive or indirectly shes telling you that she prefers other guys to tickle her because you are scared that you might offend the prime minister by tickling her. Well, that is good. Perhaps, there are more for you to do too if you have erratic and frivolous opinion because you will play boo chark with other girls thinking that it will make your spouse jealous. Fortunately you are not a person with scatter-brained or even feather-brained but just simply someone stupid.

p.s. - i hate motherfuckers who talks behind my back. come confront me. tell me anything in my face i dont mind but talking shit behind my back and act like one innocent bitch infront of me is really unacceptable. so anything youre unhappy about, come find me. show me what your mother gave birth to you for.

17th November, Saturday.

in the night, went to time sq with tk to meet with alyshia.


supposed to watch balls of fury, for the second time. but alyshia came late so we didnt watch movie jus walked around instead.

18th November, Sunday.

had dinner with vivien's family and then to her house.


she playing pinball =D

19th November, Monday.

after work

20th November, Tuesday.

futsal from 11 to 2.

then to ampang point.

eeling, lilly.
eeling, lilly, arnold.








bowling =D

then to work at 5.

cilok some bread from bread story before going back =D