Thursday, March 03, 2011


this was what i tweeted la. then i GUESS she have been hearing rihanna's song that im the only girl in the world for too long that she might have thought she was the only girl in the world with big tits, badan like badak and perangai like joejoe so she posted on my fb wall.


here's the text between me and yuen wai.

Apologize ? yeah im gonna tell that to papa koh about how sorry i am to see his son suffering from compulsive obsession and the absence of balls... confront me personally if you so happen to have the guts la sucker... n yes my chest helps a lot in producing hormones to regulate the brain.. unlike u... no balls no hormones to help your dick to think

:o i got nothing against you also confront you buat apa? you want to ajak me yum cha izit? ey, only your tetek very big ah? just asking hehe. you feel sorry all up to you la i also feel sorry for you. cant blame you for being so perasan wan. born like that hor ? who to blame ? papa soh lo :(

btw i didnt know my dick needs to think :o

its not that i perasa its just that youre lucky to have a bro that will back u up... ur compulsive obsession towards her wont bring you anywhere.. ur offensive nature will also make things

well if you think im lucky then your pride , ego and your attitude for not admitting that what you did was wrong and to only blame others like to blame my bro and shan when you clearly assumed that i was referring to you wont bring you anywhere. your selfishness will only make more people realise that you only use people for their benefit btw using "no credit" as an excuse to runaway with shit wont get you far. people get fed up one day. have fun :D

i didnt say i dont hav credit when i didnt reply her text... the fact that i was charging my phone and i was away from it.. i dont attend to my phone or ur ex all the time coz its not my job.. get clear with things b4 u assume.. in my case it wasnt assumptions i made.. has any1 said anything when u dont reply them ? quite making a scene

btw i assumed it was quit, not quite lolz.

well its only you and your sis i dont reply since you also like that so i also payah reply lo. i didnt say what was it about i didnt say who you x reply i only say that excuse will make people fed up. i think you got serious self confidence problem, or some insecurity problem. if you think youre right instead of putting down your pride and ego to realise that you were wrong then too bad lo.

look whos talking.. pride n ego ei.. theyre not the only ppl i didnt reply.. if they have issues about it thenthe problem is on them.. y didnt you juz tell us from the beginning that u hated us then we could have just left you alone... look how many best friends you hav yet imthe person with problem.. even ur oh-so-perfect obsession says you have attitude problem

:o why you perasan again from where you saw me saying i dont like you and your sister ? i only say i dont reply you two ma. hehe i dont know why you keep thinking everything im saying referring to you. perasan much ? yes i have attitude prob but i dont use ppl lor. i offend people who i think they deserve to lo. i dont have best friends and oh this buddy if they leave im going to die :( who offend me, i fuck them back. :D sound like your ego kan ?

then a relevant reason for you not replying ? yet we stil didnt say anything.. my ego ? what abt your pride.. correct me if im wrong.. 2 text ago if u werent referring to me when u said 'u n ur sis' then who's the 'u n ur sis' in the previous text ur again saying im perasan ? u ran out of words i see.

do i need a valid reason not to reply you ? so you made an assumption again about me not replying you and your sis, means i hate you and your sis? you ran out of things to hantam me so you assume shit? hahah.

:,@%&$#@$!@@$#@ you mean ran out of words like that ? is that what you see? XD

at least i dont reply with a reason.. so u r not gonna correct me or you cant correct me? coz perasan is the only word you seem to know.. if im in the wrong then bad mouth someone behind their back n denying it makes you noble right ?

i dont know who are you referring to. i never bad mouth anyone behind their back also. i was talking to twitter so public but idk why you terasa kuat lor. then terasa ady accuse people for your mistakes, to assume my tweets were referring to you as if youre the only girl with big tits, badan like badak, perangai like joejoe. answer me you terasa ah the way i tweet ? i got say thats for you meh? i dont have any problem with you obviously i know you perasan ma. your problem with other people your hal la. btw who told you bad mouth behind peoples back makes someone noble? so bad...

the problem is i didnt care about the tweet in the beginning but after jenyen asked tk on facebook chat.. tk told the tweet was referring to me.. but i was wondering since when i didnt reply your msg till shan told me she complained to you that i didnt reply her msg for no apparent reason.

aww so from what jenyen told you and based on what shan said you conclude what i was referring to you ? without asking me if it was referring to you or not and make a conclusion yourself? :o

do i still have to ask? if ti is still denying it then fine..

you ask jenyen lo if he did a mistake.. i think jenyen did a mistake lor after speaking to him.. sumore tell me what, apology to my dad for me not having balls ?

not your dad.. u

hehe. now who wrong o? i got offend you bo?

that i dont know.. but i still wont apologize till things r clear

you make it clear lor for all the things you posted on my fb wall. you handam me wo? how? you ran out of words i c.

so do you want me to leave the posts there or remove it? im not running out of words but i just wanna make things clear

i want you to leave it there, let everyone see what you sent to me, let everyone know and ask them who wrong lo. who point fingers first. hmm.

ok... up to you.. i dont have twitter to read it 1st hand so i didnt terasa in the 1st place.. the pointing fingers part.. its natural to get angry to know that someone told you that someone is saying something bad about you.

but i guess its a mistake to jump to conclusions with peoples words hor ? then straight away hantam when i havent make things clear. and even more la when someone dont realise that theyre wrong. haih.

i still cannot say whos right or wrong now.

fuck you bryant! big fat liar! with your attitude of afraid to lose your face and ur pride, keep staying in a state of denial! lets see how far can that bring you! good night !

hahahah. why you ran out of words to say so you tell me that? like i said, for as long as you wont admit, i wont admit a shit. but it looks as if youre perasan and terasa lah now. no one knows who was my tweets referring to anyway. :D

im not going to waste any more credit to listen to ur crap.. continue lying la i'll c when your words choke on u.. ill be praying for u la :)

btw my credit died here.

woi now who wrong jek ? :( tell me !

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

this is one thing i want to write down for everyone, if you ever read my blog to notice.

i am turning my back on many people which i think i dont deserve this kind of people in my life. i dont owe them shit and i dont really need them around me. its not that because i dont need them i go against them, but its just something everyone should know , and you judge this shit yourself. tell me if im wrong, besides those people who you think you are them.

1. when you agree to send someone to kl sentral and the whole family , parents depend on you to send them there to take a bus to the airport, you make sure you send and if you cant, you dont ignore your phone calls and inform people, at least tell "hey i cant make it to send you there, im sorry". when you just ignore phone calls coming in and the next thing i hear was "cheh i malas la wanna send them there i dunwan pick up their calls", that just went overboard and i dont owe you shit and there is no way i will forgive and forget.

2. i did a mistake for being your ex but when you spread shit around telling im a sucker, cheater behind your back and shit, you're the slut who cant face the truth. the truth is that i wanted to go to bed at 11, and i just happen to hear someone looking for me on msn, and i talked to her till 6am and took her for breakfast. i didnt tell you , couldnt make it in time to explain to you i changed my mind. yes i should have texted you telling you stuff but please know that i didnt cheat behind your back, its just that i didnt make things clear to you, you just snapped at me. too bad now you spread shit about me its up to you and your stupid friends to hear what they want.

3.not the first time you fucked this friendship because of your mother fucking ex. first was when i jokingly said i installed a camera in her room and see her changing her bra everyday, you got pissed at me saying i dont give you face at all, padahal you invaded my privacy checking out my history with your ex on my pc. who dont give who face ? 2nd time i only told her what she needed to know, and she knows already and if she got it the wrong way, you make it clear. you blame me for all this shit you do ? look now she dont give you two fucks. called me a motherfucking leech, sucking your money and using you only for money. im a chinese and you should know everytime you offer to belanja and me being a human i will say sure why not ? obviously i like it when you wanna belanja me makan and stuff but at the end of the day when we have problems, you called me a motherfucking leech sucking your money and using you, its just disappointing la you think that way and i dont mind you thinking that way, because you know it yourself you buy friends with money. i cant forget the words you say , and called me.

5. it was my birthday eve, and yes i was drunk as mother fucking hell which i shouldnt have, and i had a serious bad hangover, or rather i was still drunk. i could have called you and say " hey sorry man i cant make it" and i remembered its your exams or some shit you needed people to be there and shit, i made my way there asap. i depended on people to wake me up but no one did shit effort in waking a drunk guy up so, thats why we were late but we did be there and try to, you just cant accept the fact that were late and you kept on pointing on the fact that i never take things seriously, never thought of you,telling your lecturer better late then never and stuff and still nag about it instead of trying to appreciate me rushing my way there, be there even when i was so fucking drunk on my birthday.

6. you know it, i spoke to you about him, saying if you dont have anything for him, and if you think that there is no hope between the both of you, just let it go and ignore him, make it clear you dont want shit from him but i can see that you still unintentionally give him hope, by using him only when you need him. have you ever texted him once without asking him to do something for you ? have you ever replied him just for chatting with him ? now you're using my friend and i didnt want to make it an issue, but how can you be so fucking irresponsible when someone tells you, depended on you to do something you just ignored and say " i have no credit to reply" so when you cant make it to do something you just ignored and tell "i have no credit" ? where your brains ? your chest ?

i will not say names or anything, and if you happen to put the puzzle together and think it sounded like who it is, go ahead and think again la guess yourself and assume. im not telling names who is this or that.

fyi, 6 people dosent sum up the whole world. i dont need these motherfuckers. i would gladly welcome one or two of them back if they apologize. spam all you want at my cbox, ill reply as i like.