Friday, June 29, 2007

MY BLOG IS FUCKING BORING. with all the stupid pontengs -.- like now im at home not in sch. wtf. i din post about cheer yet @@. haha nothing much la just that i was sitting with my sch on the 2nd day screaming for muriel -.-

Gooooo muriel =p

and telah camwhored -.-


wahh charm! the girls damn hot

my sch cheerleaders -.-

after 2nd day cheer, went to joshua's party yaba yaba makan makan HAHA. din stay long , parents leaving to shanghai that day =p. andrew ponteng the whole week and overnite my house the whole week lol -.-

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BRYAN, i wanted to be the last to wish you but forgot HAHA sorry.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


i damn lazy to blog la. today again , after recess ponteng. my whole blog all ponteng onywtf -.-. drove to xiang house, watched one video of a sick band, Dragon Force siao wan the whole band. xiang bought some bread frm tesco, then he put in the oven. after few mins, while watching the video, i told him EI SOMETHING BURNING LA! omg the bread was on fire -.- he ended up burning it, ill upload the pics. burnt bread. then later went and duplicate my sch master key, nyek i have the master key. then went back to sch yaba yaba teachers hunting my head, my kehadiran tidak hadir. yaba yaba drove chia sing to maluri station, then pick xiang up and straight to my house, jen yen called say someone was there, so called me to leisure, went there and he made a fool of himself. yaba yaba went sej class, looking at you smile makes me happy too. blabla -.-

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

19 / 6

KAI WAN SIAO. BRYANT KOH got criminal mind =p. haha ponteng class whole day. i told my assistant to put my attendance on the buku kehadiran tidak hadir, but tell class teacher i hadir =p. budden some babi go spoil my plan. haha nevermind. ponteng whole day, got go sch! budden class wahahha XD. 12 45 wana go out sch with xiang, he wana drive to his hse again take his car come back sch. so i saw tux all playing ball at somewhere la. i call tux come with the ball la, ask him kick the ball out of sch, me and xiang panjat over the fence and take the ball. HAHAH then we lari with tk's car. woo! then i drove xiang car come back sch. before that i told him, ill drive some chicks around ok? HAHAHA he allowed me, gime till 2 30. it was 1 45. so i park car infront sbs lar, wana find someone and kacau wan. =p then saw chia sing and hui cin. they were like OMG OMG BRYANT DRIVING. xD. yaba yaba untill 2 30 then hui yat asked me to send her and ru jean, shi wei, samantha to shi wei's hse, then lrt. on the way omg i din see the side , then the left side mirror hit something and the mirror flip inwards o.O i scared ady, not my car =(. luckly nothing just the mirror moved abit. =/. yaba yaba come back sch interact yaba yaba. xiang pinjam me his amp. yay i can practice bass now.


okok. then went add maths class come online bla. -.- babai.

i only wana make you smile.

Monday, June 18, 2007


PONTENG. not class, school =D. bagun at 9 30++. play pc yaba yaba damn sian. then play ps2 -.- untill 2. then suddenly wei xiang enter my room o.o "oi leme play ps2!" wah so tiba tiba. he play with tk, i online dono do what ady -.- play untill 2 20, then wei xiang say, "oh fark im late i have to pick my gf frm sch" -.- he ran out my house xD. tiba tiba tk say wana go sch play badminton 8D. so i follow him lor. ahha

play till 4.. go mamak makan nasi campur. =p. tk took 2 sotong and 1 telur ony, i took kambing, and dono what is that -.- and one sayur. then the feller write, tk one rm6 o.o wtf mine ony rm3.70. so i asked la asal mahal sangat? he told sotong satu rm2, ini telur itik rm1.50 -.- WAH FARKING MAHAL LOR. kena scam ady -.- dunwan makan also take, so makan la untill clean clean. go balik online yaba yaba untill 6 then mandi, straight away left for class. took bus, at maluri suddenly karthigan came up. as usual tok so much untill i got no chance to hear my song -.- then sampai class there. wait for teacher yaba yaba masuk kelas , learn for 5 mins ony then karthigan pissed teacher off then he kena halau, telling story for 45 mins. wtf?! i spend rm2 to go and come back , all i got was stories -.- yaba yaba reach home eat dinner and now going to sleep soon. boring boring yaba


HAPPY FATHERS DAY. was it yesterday or today =x
bored. football friendly
canceled. went to class, wei xiang drop me home. then he came back and we went dinner with tk. i drove =D. after makan balik yaba yaba -.-

random 8D

i want to watch oceans 13.

its never any fun to be the problem for someone else.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

carnival =D

woke up at 8.30, suppose to be in class at 8 -.-. nevermind got another class to go =D so rushed to pudu. suddenly vickie called =D! "bryant! where are you? are you comming to mbs?" HAHA then i remembered got carnival =D lol im like "YAH YAH LATER IM IN PUDU LATER I CALL JIEJIE OK babai". i wanted to walk budden frm pudu here wana cross road go here there ah take train ony la lol. -.- at the train station, got a sms frm sharon o.o! she told me shes in times sq, she bought movie ticket already but dont feel like watching it, wana go vi carnival, so ok lah i suggested that we meet up. so i called her and ask where is she, she said cinema. so frm hang tuah walked to times sq. go the cinema, both the cinema there looking for sharon tak ada like omg -.-. ok then call her "ei where are you?" she replied "im in the monorail going to hang tuah." o.o she said she smsed me saying she meet me in hang tuah hahahaha. i din see my msg -.- so walk back to hang tuahh then go vi. walking there met julian, then he gave me free cupons, thanks ju. then lepak lepak lahh with sharon then met alot people, including chia sing , crystal, jo-yee and yaba yaba. play play then take pic =p

sharon and me =D

wanted to go haunted mansion/house/whatever -.-. wahh wait dono how many hours and then have to make appointment swt. haha didnt go also, went eat lok lok =p cuz sharon said she was hungry. haha then she still hungry so we decided to go times sq and wack mcD, yaba yaba walk to mcd. it was already 3 30 that time. yaba yaba then we tapau mcd and ate at foodcourt.

ahhaha =p.

while eating, i remembered something, ei who i din meet ar? OMG VICKIE?! =x sorry jiejie =( hahah XD. then called her apologized aww =( then after eating, she said she have to go, so walk to monorail to take to hang tuah, because it was raining heavily. while walking she went in a shop and she asked me which earring is nice, gotla some earring. haha then she said this one nicer, so i bought it for her, as a b'day present. haha =). so yaba yaba she went back then called chia sing meet up lepak untill 6 30 then go back home then go to dads friends party o.O took pic with er, my dads friend daughter xD, which is also my old fwen laa =)

went back at 2 30 am -.- haha wahh gila la yesterday =D

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

waa haha

yaba yaba, so long since i last update my blog. lol hmm now feel lie blogging again haha! dono what to write ady. HAHA okla. today hmm. went out of sch with wx before sch end, hahaha! he drove to his house then I DROVE his car back to sch. ngam ngam sch finish ady, so i wana go take my bag frm class. gogogo EI WHERE THE FARK MY BAG?! haha definately my last period teacher rampas adyy. so go claim frm her, have to ISI BSL. yaba yaba bryant never change =D im bored -.-