Tuesday, February 26, 2008

22nd February, Friday.

back to subash, with chun fei.

omg i got insulted and accused as a gay by subash =(

23rd February, Saturday.

Cikgu Ahmad wore pink tie.

my lunch. yummy =3

at night, tk went to jay chou's concert -.-. so i went to mamak with jen yen later. lepak and waited for him.

cute stray cat =D

already gay enough jen yen have the same phone as me, now the same problem -.-

24th February, sunday

TechFc friendly after a long time no football =3. lost anyway -.-

chia wei new car. from kancil o.o

then to bukit bintang.

i think he looks like edison lol.

"i got balls of steel"

he's like telling edison - you fucked my wife!

pink hello kitty guitar in bentleys. if only got pink hello kitty bass =3.


ive been hearing about the burger shop in pavillion blabla. so went to try =DD.

the cheapest large set. cost about rm16+ o.o

the box is as big as my palm o.o!


eat the burger!

lol -.-

the mess we made

lol -.-

yes they do =D

go jen yen! only some people would think its funny after knowing the jen yen kfc story. XD!

choi san balls!

watch this video. =(

eduardo, get well soon. fuck martin taylor.

Friday, February 22, 2008

20th february, MSSKL HOKI

lat tali lat, siapa paling hensem.

the new proton saga.

The Gardens.



during lunch time, went nearby plaza pantai and lepak.

yazid fucking leave my phone on the car to take this pic -.-

Sir Isaac Newton waiting for apple.

omg -.-

shaun got period =x


what was the captain's sons name in meet the spartans? XD

star wars

SBU 0 - 0 Cheras.

we didnt make it through.

bye 13. =(

21st February.

the burger ramly stall in yulek.

one of the best burger ramli i ate =D

1. while walking around pasar malam, i saw this dvd for sale


Monday, February 18, 2008

16th february, saturday.


i dont know what to say about it.

after tuition, to sg wang. on the way, we saw koala bear =D

they gave us angpau, and conned us.

throw your angpaus on the floor =D

then to bentleys.

bazli working there, so look for him for discount XD.

1. i found the most famous lala spot.
ROLLER SPORT WORLD you should see what they wear to go inside -.-.

2. the rempit spot.
see one bunch of guys wasting their time sunbathing there.

ning =D

new keychain.

17th february, sunday.

pui yan's bbq party.

view from her house
wah here see fireworks nice wei.

field field!!
food =D

meet energizer. i dont know what pui yan and the family feed him @@.

night, to this cc, Aladdin.

the first cc in my life i went with 19" widescreen monitor. and its only rm2 per hour.

baby, im so sorry i didnt wish you on time, i dont know why also =(. ahaha love you bebeh muax. this is so fucking gay xD