Sunday, September 30, 2007

GOOD LUCK PMR - ers. =D and to anyone whos taking exams XD next time ill post about the football training =D

Friday, September 28, 2007

2 days ago, wednesday

my mom brought back something. she said its from her friend from er.. i forgot where again o.o london?

kinder happy hippo

Yesterday , Thursday.

exams is like, 4 days time? but this is what i do =D

play playstation 2


Today, Friday

i saw her, we talked for sometime while waiting. so long since we last talked like that. you changed but somehow youre still the same person i know.

after school went to jj and have lunch with muna and elodie. after that wei xiang picked me up from there because he wanted to play ps2 in my house. so he came and my house electricity fucked up. so went to leisure mall to buy ps2 games and my moms hair dye. later when i go back my mom said i bought the wrong hair dye. so went back to leisure to change. i drove this time.

camwhore! omgg i did it?

at night, went to leisure mall with tk and bryan goh to meet up with jen yen, andrew and mei yee. after that we went pasar malam. suddenly wei xiang called and say he wana come and take his thumbdrive. so while waiting we saw this stall selling i-forgot-what-it-is. so me and tk bought.

yummy =D

in a short while, wei xiang called and say he reached, and he gave us the shock of our life when he drove this car.


so i decided to blog about his car. to those who have this car or seen so many times, just ignore i know i fucking jakun =D.

the handbrake is there, so err footbrake?

and the steering can be adjusted automatically

i know i damn jakun. haih what to do poor people.

later me and tk went back to leisure to meet them again. so we saw the sushi stall got 20%. we bought some =D and we ate at mcD.

you people heard of lala. those with the pics and language and football socks. have you seen the real ' lala?'

the guy said this was lala o.o. its damn nice la

i dont know why of all names they use the name lala. maybe someone knows. tell me? =)

later james came with something funny ( to me). i dono la i havent seen it before. but he let me try and its damn nice. =D i terdelete the pic of that thing, so i only have this pic of him eating it XD.

group picture.


wana kill yourself with coke and panadol? no if you really wana kill yourself, try mentos or polo with coke or pepsi. see the experiment.

imagine that thing happening inside your body? =)

and more pics from the party -.-

me and shaz carrying TK!!! at the right side there.

me -.-

Thursday, September 27, 2007

hello. meet chris crocker. thanks to zaahira and nadira for er... his video links -.-

watch this video

for more just go youtube and search chris crocker.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

more pics from kuan yee's

the cake

i was the first to got thrown into the pool

pose for the camera

shaun 2nd.
got him

he pulled me down -.-

we were catching khong i think, or faris.

lol shaun

=D finally jadi

tk's car

happy people =D
sunday, went to the new cc in pudu before class. exe net. quite chun the pc there

the cc
the monitor. samsung =D

after class, wei xiang called saying he's infront our house. i took a pic of his car's right door and left door



after that i went to a mooncake festival celebration with wei wei at miharja. met her cousin =D. later will upload the pics.

Yesterday, tuesday.

went to leisure with tk. he wanted to cut his hair and buy present for huiyat and kuan yee. at the shop i saw this cookie monster.

lol its damn cute.
plans after exam. tagged by chia sing.

1. work moree =D get more money =D

2. EVERYDAY GO JOGGING OR SUMTHING ELSE. need to lose weight =(.

3. yea like chia sing said maybe go malacca and have a FOOD TRIP. just only i said wana lose weight =(.


5. LOOK FOR CAMPS. maybe. see la how if its cheap ill go =D

6. GET A DAMN GIRLFRIEND. lonely la sometimes without girlfriend.

7. upgrade my pc. wtf? lol

nothing much la now ask me i really dono lol

Monday, September 24, 2007


thanks for the party. really rocked =D.

afternoon, went to subash and i got the shock of my life

the amount of people at subash's place.

before i went to ky's party, i went football at mbs. cheng rui invited me to play to make up for the sadness of mourinho's depature. -.- I SCORED =D.

a cross from cheng rui's brother

i jumped and head the ball

the ball went down to the lower left of the goal post =D!!


so basically, all the guys got THROWN into the pool, except marques he jumped in himself. i dont think anyone took the video but when i get the pics of everyone getting thrown into the pool ill upload. the party was awesom. had some games in the pool like guys have to carry the girl and race and then carry the girls again on their back and the girls will push the other girls and see whos the last one standing and etc. heres some pics at the party.

me, arnold and inez.

shaun, look whos the daddy day care =p

after playing in the water.

shaun posing maut

shaun stupid video 1.

shaun stupid video 2


i was drying my pants.

SHAUNS MOM SMS HIM. HAHAHAHAHA. he had 13 miss calls. ballack. =D

random =D
tk's car