Sunday, December 30, 2007

singapore trip, 27th - 29th December.

first stop, seremban. went to eat the famous beef noodle. i think la.

the makan area

the beef noodle shop

kedai gigi o.O

after that, straight to johor.

city square.
Kenny Rogers =D!

then to the hotel.

makan makan.

the famous mee rebus.

then to the famous nasi lemak. all famous famous. dono betul anot =/.

can see singapore across the sea =3.

the rice taste like pulut =/.

Danga Bay, the perfect spot to pak toh.

balik hotel.

posing sikit.

28th December, to Singapore.

morning, hotel breakfast.

reminds me of the song dimsum girl XD.

then while waiting to get the bus ticket, me and tk went to cc.

lol same phone with tk.



next comming mall

not clean also.. i tot very clean =3.

shit water =3.

see, not clean.

orchard plaza.

Old Chang Kee. the perfect karipap 8D

put in coins to use this pc.

the mrt system. to all around singapore. respect 8D.

Raffles City.

sale sale shop shop =D.



this building very special and scary.

their chicken for the chicken rice were dipped in cold water before they serve us. so when you eat the chicken its like cold. o.o and they serve Chinese Tea like this. not like in malaysia, they reuse the thea leaf. -.-

back to orchard road.


then back to johorkedai kena rompak. lol the glass all broke.

then back to johor.

12 .30am, still got people selling ps2 games o.O

29th December, Last day in Johor.

eat duck rice

with dishes

and bought hypertune.

left Johor, and stop at ayer hitam.

bought otak otak and BB guns. o.O


cendol gula melaka

and back home. then test the bb guns.

the dent - small gun , the hole - big gun o.O!