Friday, May 30, 2008

i found this really cute picture of edison chen haahahahah!


ahahaha! holding camera ar! ahhaha

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Genius Parade.

khong showed me the video of the pencil whatever. yeah so i was bored i go search on the net on the actor and stuff la. i know him as a tuition teacher, well thats what he's famous for what, a tutor. BUT YOU SEE HE NEVER PUT AT HIS BIODATA ON THE NET THAT HE'S A TUITION TEACHER WOR?



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Wedding, Bankers Club, 22nd floor Amoda building.

Another performance from the band. again super last minute. khong and des didnt have pedals untill 4 30 pm, arnold came 4 15pm after so long never jam with us, deciding what song to play at 2pm. we were told to meet up at 2pm so we can get ready.


while jamming.

after jamming, the band went times sq to play bowling. awi belanja but i didnt play because i was damn nervous. come on man i was going to sing your guardian angel. i scared i gona lari tune laa.



dengan formalnya main bowling.


after bowling, on the way back up to the bankers club.

i noticed that my pick was missing. my favourite one. so luckly i was carrying the pick liyana gave me. so i used it, hoping i wont do any mistakes yaba yaba XD


the pick.

the performance went on well, yeah luckly i didnt lari tune. =D. will upload the video when i get the videos.


when the bride and the groom dancing.


with our guitars at the back.

after everything, we were told to start the dancefloor. so yes we did start the dancefloor and everyone came dancing lol




and went back home =)



Friday, May 23, 2008

Teachers Day Celebration, 23rd May.

LastminuteS - this name really suit our band name. we decided what song to play on the day were suppose to perform, which means we never really jam together for this performance. assholes you people! and yes i came late i know im sorry but TARKESSH, YOU DONT HAVE TO LIE TO ME LIKE THAT SAYING PERFORMANCE IS IN 10 MINUTES TIME. so at the bilik serbaguna while waiting for our turn to perform..


i finally know how does a rubik cube looks like inside -.-

arope's guitar that will tune by itself. automatic man!

performance video.

wont go home without you. dont ask why we always jam this song. TRADEMARK MAN!



finally, we have a picture together -.- MUHHIBAH BABY XD


and the rose pn jeyanthi gave awi =D


oh i felt like subash MBA



thank you sally!



Thursday, May 22, 2008

i fucking can fucking not fucking belive fucking terry fucking missed the fucking penalty.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Fucked Up "Party"

It was last minute to plan for a party but what the heck, just try la. mana tau really no one come. shauns parents and brothers went to redang. so we were planning on a party. before that, went to pui yan's snooker and pool place at pgrm.


sorry pui yan! but i think you look cute here. ahaha =D

then to jaya jusco, maluri to get some stuff for the "party".


yes it was very gay for me and jen yen to do grocery shopping.

at shauns house, while cooking, he sang this song " glory of fries ". i tried to get him to sing it again but he didnt want to. =(

shaun irritating jen yen with his message tone. XD.

The Biology paper day.

yes another day off for me because i dont take bio. =DD went to MMU with tk because he said there got very nice and cheap food.


MMU's canteen.


MMU's Kenny Rogers. Quarter chicken , mashed potatoes and coleslaw , RM5.50 =DD


Giant Size fresh juice , RM3.

gempak dei the food! can challenge kenny rogers. :3


the queue.

went to times sq after that and watched narnia. tk spoiled the show by telling me this dude looks like ballack. i kept thinking of ballack scoring goals when i see his face in the movie narnia. hahaha


ahahah! fuck man!

oh wait. i have another video of the lambdafield. will upload soon =D more gempak ahaha =D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Meet Ikhlas.


nyah! caught you stealing the school badge, bitch!

The Big Mac Chant 2.

coupon 1.

coupon 2.

i was told to write my name and my phone number after i did the big mac chant. i saw the fastest was 1.69 seconds omfg o.O


the 6 time in a row big mac chant. =D all dapat nyahaha


big mac!

The Lambdafield, not cloverfield.

early morning, on the way to school, i saw this kelisa with full of crap ontop. wasted food and shit ontop of the car.



in school, we had some seminar shit after recess. so some of us ponteng the seminar and stay in class. suddenly the teachers came hunting and attacked us.


shaun guarding the entrance. XD

a random video of cats trying to fuck.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Saturday, 10th May.



yes this picture is to make you hungry. Please Do Not Lick Your Monitor.

Perodua Nautica

The replica of Toyota Rush lol.




alot aunty aunty huh? =p all go there for the free food nyahaha. i heard them complaining "aiyo! rm89k so expansive ah! sumore not nice wan the car!" while eating the free food there ahaha.

Robinsons, The Gardens.



RM515. sei sohai RM515 knife cut what -.-

the only thing i could find interesting to me in gardens is the bridge from gardens to mid valley. theres nothing in gardens i like -.-


the bridge.

First i had the mini playing cards, and now i saw the giant playing cards.


zewei! this is the deck of cards i saw!

Rubik's Cube at Toys R' Us

Last Thursday i saw this 2 dude and his dad at some mamak playing the 4x4 rubik's cube and i was laughing at them because they look so retarded. their dad look so disappointed looking at both his sons playing the rubik's cube.


i taught it was some cheap ass cube untill i saw the cube in toys r' us.


come on la, buy la something better with RM80. -.-


the rubik's cube family. :3








i think this set is useful when you cant put the colours together. you can take out the face and put another face and solve the stupid cube =D


i rather buy the small playing cards and bring around -.-

and the best part was when i saw a darth vader that can transform into a death star ahahha!




manchester united was damn lucky okay. you still have to face us at Moscow!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day.

Ive been a very good son (due to mother's day). yes i bought a small cake for my mom. and the next day i have an add maths paper that makes no sense at all in return. out of 2 hours of the paper i slept 1 hr 15 min. i wrote the date on my add maths paper so when i get my paper back from teacher, i could show my mom saying "happy mothers day mom, heres an extra gift for you :)"

During add maths exam ive been so stressed up already, untill i found out that teacher took out the sofa from my class i got even more stress la. no more sleeping spot. and during add maths paper 2 teacher came in and took the radio out of the class. swt no more entertaiment room already.

Insaflah pelajar - pelajar SPM 2008. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Grabbed a tag from; Kristy & tessa.

1) What is the most important thing in your life ?

- Food. :3

2) What is the last thing you bought with your own money ?

- mother's day cake. =D

3) Where do you wish to get married ?

- i want somewhere different la like mamak ker. lol

4) How old do you think you will be permanantly owned by your love ?

- ahahha tak tau. =p

5) Are you in love ?

- :D

6) Where was the last restaurant you had dinner ?

- some curry fish head restaurant in puchong

7) Name the latest book you bought ?

- erm.. i cant remember. ;/

8) What is your full name ?

- Bryant Koh Michael Ballack

9) Do you prefer your mother and father ?

- equally the same =D

10) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.

- MARIA OZAWA, HIROMI SATO, REI AMAMI and all the other porn stars :D

11) Christina or Britney ?

- Jamie Spears :3

12) Do you do your own laundry ?

- nope.

13) The most exciting place you wanna go ?

- Kazakhstan. BORAT

14) Hugs or kisses ?

- Hugs.

15) Point out 5 things about the person who tagged you.

i write about kristy yeah, i never met tessa before :/

- very cute.
- big fishball eyes
- reads horny books :p
- shes in ranger puteri? XD

16) 8 things i am passionate about :

- playing games
- sleeping
- eating
- music
- playing chor tai ti
- online
- football
- ponteng kelas :3

17) 8 things i say too often :

- Kundigal
- Myrandi
- Perandi
- Gau Lan ( play kukubird )
- sei sohai
- meregaya
- mahai you ( direct translation for this is mother puss you o.O )
- oi

18) 8 books i've read recently :

- hmmm =)

19) 8 songs i could listen to again and again.

- metro station - shake it!
- angels and airwaves - secret crowds
- angels and airwaves - the gift
- +44 - baby, come on
- +44 - make you smile
- blink 182 - stay together for the kids
- sum 41 - with me
- bowling for soup - when we die

20) 8 things that you've learned last year.

- dont take relationship seriously
- study hard la form 4, form 5 susah kan. lol
- fitness first sucks
- working in kenny rogers rocks
- working with bum equipment is a bitch
- how to go one utama with public transport
- becomming a "good" monitor
- driving without license

8 People you want to tag -
EVERYONEEE i dont want only 8 hmp
The Big Mac Chant.

Can you just imagine how annoying it is to hear someone trying to say "two all beef patties , special sauce, lettuce, cheese , pickles , onion on a sesame seed bun" in 4 seconds during exam? already so stress right some more so irritating and when i turned around , he showed me the big mac chant coupon.


i went like holy shit! give me some of that! and yes he gave me one of the coupons. so after recess i started annoying people untill school end.

Then tk came to pick me up he said theres no eletricity at home. so were going to have lunch ourself. The only thing i could think about at that time was the two all beef patties special sauce, bla... so yes, we went to mcd to have our lunch.


Mega Mac D: !!

and yes i did it.


two days later, i did again in leisure mall and i went like

"two all beef patties , special sauce , lettuce , cheese , pickles , onions on a seseseesese CHAIK! sesame seed bun! "

in 4 seconds. the manager went like " WAH SEMPAT CHAIK SESAME SEED BUN. BAGUS."