Thursday, November 11, 2010

so i spoke to my dad about relationships. about marriage and love. its kinda gay to talk to your dad about it but i guess i have to agree with my dad.

he told me he spoke to his friend regarding her son's marriage. she was kinda upset and she told my dad to advice me, his children not to get married at young age , or maybe wait till you guys are really close then get married.

my dad said that he thinks people should marry at young age. its because when you marry young, you live your life together young and maybe you would say you start of with no stability in career and shit, but he say at least you go through all that hard times together with your wife/husband.

when you start from 0, you actually build your own relationship with your wife/husband by helping each other, holding each others back when they fall and when you're stable, you would say, this is ours. not mine or yours.

when you marry after your stable, like both parties are stable, they have different point of view in things, like you already set a certain standard to the things you want and a certain expectations. different when you had nothing when you get married, you set your expectations and try to have your point of view in line with your partner.

i strongly agree with my dad. :)
ive been spending a lot money buying stuffs. i should stop buying stuff for myself. anyway i think these stuff are fucking worth buying, dont you think so ?

yes its true girls go out, everytime they shop they spend at least rm100 but me, each shit i buy cost averagely rm1000 wtf ? damn now my money negative and i owe my brother and parents a lot of money.

so first off, i bought a blackberry storm II.

then i bought altec lansing speakers.


oh believe me this speakers is sex. (Y)


i think i need to find a better place to put this shit no ?

and now i just bought a guitar.


yup that red one in the middle is my new guitar. fuck i love my guitar damn !

well this thing cost about rm1k+ and this has to come together with this.


the micro cube. i picked red to match my guitar (Y)

so this thing cost about rm400+

fuck my life. i guess im just gonna eat with my family until chinese new year comes :(

anyway my dad came in my room just now and asked " why did you buy a red guitar ? get a pink one mar.. " i have a cool dad :D

anyway, i went shopping with this girl last week,


i told you i meant it when i said shopping and well we were damn hungry after shopping and so we found out that in starhill, in shook! ,


you will see this banner which says some 3 - 6 tea time break and rm3.60 per plate of your choice. holy shit what the fuck (Y)


this is the list of food at rm3.60 from 3 - 6 (Y)

and here comes the food.


the pasta


pepperoni pizza


some long name hotdog


torri karrage.

i tell you damn delicious and its so freaking cheap. ok the helping is quite small but heck, you can order as many as you want. its seriously damn worth it and eating there makes you feel 1123213211x richer than you are. not unless you are already damn fucking rich then sorry lor.

the next day i bought my mom there she ordered 20 dishes wtf.


well since i am already blogging about food so might as well go on with the food i ate.

tried ikea hot dog ? im sure most of you have but for those who hasnt,


youre missing a rm2 hot dog which is fucking tasty (Y)

anyway did i blogged about this arab food - Sa Ba ? there's one in setiawangsa and the next one is in cyberjaya. well if i have im sorry im just gonna blog about it again. with rm15 you eat this


if its lamb. this is lamb kabsah and the plate is fucking big.

with rm17 and if you choose chicken,


half chicken and bigger plate of rice. well you can choose your style of chicken but this one is roasted chicken (Y).

oh here's a picture for you people who know me and my love life very well.


fail forever.