Sunday, June 28, 2009


When I Grow Up

Waking Up In Vegas


All Again For You

Six Feet Under The Stars

Love Story.

i know the last one sucked.
its always like this, im emo after a performance with this band. why ?

maybe its because the guitarist is going to australia soon. i doubt anyone can replace his current position. i don't think penn sucked, i think she somehow suit the band. who else can sing these kind of songs ? you improved alot btw penn.

this band is nothing without the guitarist.

now my room is much more neater, without the drums. the last day this drums will be in my room omg emo sial. no more room/studio. haih


look at it now. so empty


the bass amp also have to return soon. :(

it didnt turn out so well though, because penn can hardly be heard. we asked for three mics, they gave one. so i was struggling sharing mic with penn. this is how it looked like the whole show.


and the worst part when there was someone behind the curtain on my right watching me wtf.


look at penn ahah.

see i told you she just blends in with us very well. thats what i feel.

how i wish this band stays forever.

anyway, will update again when the videos are uploaded.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

i actually went to subang to look for jie ying, some girl i met on friendster 3 years ago but we never met. she's schooling in sri sedaya and like fuck, i seldom go to subang and this is how i got there.


internet map :D

what the fuck right? lifeless.

so today, what a memorable day.

1.Michael Jackson died.


this was at my college. CNN news.

2.kuan yee's car



tree branch fell on her car. ahaha !


joey is so strong, shes so beautiful but i guess her time has come. she lived long enough , served us long enough. its time for her to go..


joey the first, longest serving drumstick

this is joey's birthday. remember this ?


20th April 08.

she lived for 1 and the half year. super long , shes the best drumstick ever.

JOEY THE FIRST 20th APRIL 08 - 26th JUNE 09.

we've got replacement for joey though since its performance tomorrow.


joey the second !


that's what written on joey the second. her birthday's today !

joey died the same time as michael jackson, only thing one AM one PM. i care for joey's loss more okay ? :( she brings alot memories.

Friday, June 26, 2009

it's sad to know that it all turns out the other way round when you think you knew it. you're so sure and confident that it was like this but it's not like that. you're making a fool out of yourself for being so sure what will the outcome be. look at you now, this is all in a mess. everyone will go their own way some day. you thought you know your friends ? how stupid can you be ? not only your friends, the one you love don't remember they met you is the last thing you would wanna know, trust me. its like you don't exist in their world but they're the reason that you're breathing. can't you see that she don't even wanna remember she met you ? you even wrote songs about her hoping someday this song will go somewhere and she will hear it. are you fucking stupid ? maybe by then she will be fucking with the guy she wants and have her own fucking life, and for you being stupid, your friends are leaving your side too.

that's life.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

must watch video.

when bruce willis died at the end of the six sense and i JIZZ IN MY PANTS

what the fuck ! ahahaha

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jamming Session In My House Part 1.

if you noticed, this is one of my first post with title. this is shit random because for so long, this is the first time we actually practice in my house.

so here's the result of jamming in my house.


all muka serious. very good.


xiang lecturing faris on his drumming


ps2 is on , winning eleven behind there


and cocoro on the floor.


faris listens to xiang's lecture while eating cocoro


and played drums with cocoro -.-


the snare's filled with cocoro sorry izuan


so there he is, ended up cleaning the room.

look at szeshim's drawing. so cute wei.


that's my savvy, and


ahahah !
i have so many things to blog about, but i forgot what to blog about already. wtf ? whatever lah.

so fathers day, i got a shirt from pui yee as fathers day gift/present ? ahaha. thank youuu :D

what you did for your papa? guess what i did ?


took my dad to cafe@8.

if you remember its gary's cafe. random shit i know but well he invited me he said good foood and private function some shit like that so yeah. yew jin was there too


alah be blocking his sister :P ahahah ! don't lah marah yew jin. :P

so yeah, seriously the food is quite good, and very filling. most of it was thai food because garys chef is from thai.


tom yam


mango sticky rice


butter cream crab walah macha. this one is the bomb lah.

his cafe food not bad lor actually. maybe someday you see your team jersey sponsored by cafe@8 :D

right so after fathers day, i saw this text from someone i never expect to get any text from on a monday morning.

Looking for kaki to play badminton. You have class now ?

okay, shit random. he said he ate alot last night so he wants to excercise. hahahaha ! guess who ?


kung -.-

oh btw thats a picture of him smashing his own court. HAHA YOU CANNOT LARI I CAUGHT YOU SMASHING ON YOUR OWN COURT ON PICTURE !

Sunday, June 21, 2009

my god can somebody please ask me out on a saturday ? im fucking lifeless ok :( thank you jaja and yuen teng for teman-ing me. well it was the other way round at least, you gave me something to do.

and oh, thanks alot yuen teng fo the sandwiches. i liked them although tk didnt lol.

so dont ask why im calling zhen pei jaja because its really stupid but just now i wanted to search for Lady GaGa songs i typed Lady JaJa wtf ?

random shit.

so last week i took zhen pei to try subway. this week ?


carls jr. her mouth is so small that she can hardly bite her burger. good job jaja, you didnt squish your food today :) but i still had to finish her burger for her -.-

so zhen wanted a dress, and yes she got it for rm139 ? it hurts me so to see her spending that amount of money on a dress T.T i dont know why ahaha.

yup, that bag tells you where she got her dress -.-

picture of the day.


:o !

and oh in case if you were wondering where on earth yuen teng was, she was in pav for like 30 mins and she went off to times sq and left tk there alone, bad yuen teng.

Friday, June 19, 2009

wooh, updateeeee i knowww

laugh la laugh sumore you all. i told you all already, accident you all sure kena wan. see ? kuan yee langgar 2x, yong langgar ady, wai hon also langgar ady, now terence


see his saga as bad as mine :P ahah

and another random accident i saw -.-


har ejek sumore.

so yeah, college life's boring la. mine la. same shit everyday kan ? aih no one want to teman me lagi. so bad la all of you. free time tak ajak me.

see were so bored that i caught my friend reading this in class


lol facebook poker ahaha.

and i think black bread scares the shit out of me.


there lah, kuan yee and her organic food. -.-

so, went to times sq with eu jun yesterday, since we do not have lan class anymore and its the last week before the new timetable take effect. this was what i saw, jen yen this is for you la :D


skynet lorry ! all your friends in it !

and this while walking to times sq,


tak ada kaitan langsung. english course and drive safe. maybe the words in chinese is some along shit i dont know la. lol

so me being the usual me, sure want this when im in times sq.


nene zhenpei :P

eu jun was wearing so formal like some office lady and i was wearing my pyjamas, which makes us look like mother and son ahaha.


or either make me look like a house husband and she the working wife -.-

finally i get to watch this movie, wanted to watch this so long ago stupid wei xiang hmp.


hannah montanaa !

seriously its not that bad la but obviously its abit musical la singing and running around kan ?

7 / 10 :D

penn , i dont know why this movie reminds me of you and your #1 fan ahahahah !

so what you think about malaysian flims ? you know the movie congkak ; jangan pandang belakang? go and see the cast



mazlan ; pet pet -.-..........

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

penny please go and die. don show off so much with your monica. i rogol monica kang. *jealous*

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey monday. i love mondays, for now at least before my new timetable comes + i love hey monday. i know you never asked i just feel like telling you hmp.

i wanted to go look for loupoh chai every monday, but today gila babi ah. i keluar rumah 9.30 connaught jam until federal highway. cannot lor loupohh sorry !

stitch also semangat want to see dia punya mak.


but tak jadi. loupoh chai owe me and stitch subwayyyyyyyy ahah :D

finally, today i got to watch night at the museum 2, but i tak tengok part 1 lagi. sohai habis -.-


this movie is the bomb, seriously, 9/10

mahai arrrrr al capone, napoleon bonapard ahahaha.

that was my super lame monday by the way.

Monday, June 15, 2009

adui i dont know why i tak semangat blogging lagi. hari hari mau tidur saja. ahah but nevermind, ill still update what i have to :3

i noticed there's a lot of cars painted like this,


and i saw a 350z painted like this, with the black hood and the owner sells vcd, so is this come racing clan ? ahaha

anyway, after futsal last saturday, some sort of compertition khong organized and gary semangat wanna join, we went to gary's cafe and he belanja makan. his cafe food seriously not bad wan lor.


beef salad


i also dono whats this. popiah ?

whoever said savvy's small, go fly kites. look at what my savvy can do.





fuck you ! my savvy can take one whole drum set home from izuan's !

thanks alot anyway izuann.

izuan : your car very angry.

me : why ?

izuan : making alot of noise.

lol -.-

now my room looks like this with the drums


look like store room -.-

and night, who else can be that free to find me on a saturday night ? i mean everyone got their own plans right ? the one and only shazrie did and when we both meet up what happens next ?





egg mayo


tori karrage i think ?


tuna mayo. this is my all time fav. must have when im at sushi king.


soft shell crab temaki.

all thatt are just appetizers.


yup this much just to get us started.



our main dish. you see, we're like cars. when you buy a new car, you can speed with it, can go fast with it etc. when the car is old, its slow and you cant run the car as good as before. me and shaz pamcit ady after eating that much. we could eat more remember shaz? just the two of us up to rm120 ! :D

stupid theory.

woo my car pecah record again, not speeding la mahai i phobia la. now full tank can go up to 315km :D


who's addicted to pool? ajak me skali ok ?