Sunday, December 05, 2010

i know la i fucking malas wanna update my blog la im trying okay ? :D

wei xiang bought me this shirt, before i started going out with his mommy.


and now im going out with his mommy this shirt is perfect. i should wear this and go out with her one day and take a photo then ill upload.

at the same time, he showed me this picture.


he's scared of what's gonna happen between me and his mom aww. isnt it cool having me as your daddy? :D

say hello to mango, one of the FATTEST DOG I've seen omg you should see it man.


try imagining how he walks aww !


like slowly, one step at the time. aww

from my previous post, you would have known that im fucking broke, maybe i will be until cny comes i owe myself thousands after buying the guitar so imma save it back up to thousand bucks plus.

i had to survive on all these before i die of hunger.


my coins :D remember what they tell you when you were young ? put your coins in a piggybank? trust me it works. i have almost rm70 of coins (Y)



and ofcourse , thank you nuffnang for giving me my cheque (Y) i really needed it :)


nyehehehehe. i failed to collect up to rm150 :(

to my blog followers, i know you guys are fed up of waiting for an update you must be thinking " where this slut went lah ! "

im still here, just dont have the mood to blog. im not that busy and this is one of the most interesting i did.


following yewjin to bukit jalil golf club last week. look at how he fucked his bag aw

the swimming pool there is really cool, its so empty sometimes you can even have sex in the pool. im saying this because.. nah im not saying it :p

we had lunch there and this was what happened when Jarrel wanted to pour some ketchup




the ketchup popped out like rosak ady wtf ! damn disgusting omg -.- sluts !

other than that, there's nothing much to do besides sauna and the steam room there.

i just noticed the supreme mcchicken , on the box its written


smoky chicken roll - kepingan ayam enak. omg wtf -.-

and yes, yesterday i finally tried manhattan fish market food, this fish baked rice thing, its awesumzzzz for rm16 its kinda cool actually.




anyway, there was this one futsal team that challenged my team for a loser pay game. so jarrel showed me this video of them playing.

i dont know how to get the codes so just watch it from that link.

and we won 17 - 7. please go and watch that video its fucking hilarious. When i get older~ i will be stronger~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

so i spoke to my dad about relationships. about marriage and love. its kinda gay to talk to your dad about it but i guess i have to agree with my dad.

he told me he spoke to his friend regarding her son's marriage. she was kinda upset and she told my dad to advice me, his children not to get married at young age , or maybe wait till you guys are really close then get married.

my dad said that he thinks people should marry at young age. its because when you marry young, you live your life together young and maybe you would say you start of with no stability in career and shit, but he say at least you go through all that hard times together with your wife/husband.

when you start from 0, you actually build your own relationship with your wife/husband by helping each other, holding each others back when they fall and when you're stable, you would say, this is ours. not mine or yours.

when you marry after your stable, like both parties are stable, they have different point of view in things, like you already set a certain standard to the things you want and a certain expectations. different when you had nothing when you get married, you set your expectations and try to have your point of view in line with your partner.

i strongly agree with my dad. :)
ive been spending a lot money buying stuffs. i should stop buying stuff for myself. anyway i think these stuff are fucking worth buying, dont you think so ?

yes its true girls go out, everytime they shop they spend at least rm100 but me, each shit i buy cost averagely rm1000 wtf ? damn now my money negative and i owe my brother and parents a lot of money.

so first off, i bought a blackberry storm II.

then i bought altec lansing speakers.


oh believe me this speakers is sex. (Y)


i think i need to find a better place to put this shit no ?

and now i just bought a guitar.


yup that red one in the middle is my new guitar. fuck i love my guitar damn !

well this thing cost about rm1k+ and this has to come together with this.


the micro cube. i picked red to match my guitar (Y)

so this thing cost about rm400+

fuck my life. i guess im just gonna eat with my family until chinese new year comes :(

anyway my dad came in my room just now and asked " why did you buy a red guitar ? get a pink one mar.. " i have a cool dad :D

anyway, i went shopping with this girl last week,


i told you i meant it when i said shopping and well we were damn hungry after shopping and so we found out that in starhill, in shook! ,


you will see this banner which says some 3 - 6 tea time break and rm3.60 per plate of your choice. holy shit what the fuck (Y)


this is the list of food at rm3.60 from 3 - 6 (Y)

and here comes the food.


the pasta


pepperoni pizza


some long name hotdog


torri karrage.

i tell you damn delicious and its so freaking cheap. ok the helping is quite small but heck, you can order as many as you want. its seriously damn worth it and eating there makes you feel 1123213211x richer than you are. not unless you are already damn fucking rich then sorry lor.

the next day i bought my mom there she ordered 20 dishes wtf.


well since i am already blogging about food so might as well go on with the food i ate.

tried ikea hot dog ? im sure most of you have but for those who hasnt,


youre missing a rm2 hot dog which is fucking tasty (Y)

anyway did i blogged about this arab food - Sa Ba ? there's one in setiawangsa and the next one is in cyberjaya. well if i have im sorry im just gonna blog about it again. with rm15 you eat this


if its lamb. this is lamb kabsah and the plate is fucking big.

with rm17 and if you choose chicken,


half chicken and bigger plate of rice. well you can choose your style of chicken but this one is roasted chicken (Y).

oh here's a picture for you people who know me and my love life very well.


fail forever.

Friday, October 29, 2010

well many thinks im being a 5 year old by doing this, telling everyone and making everyone my side Hmp. the "don't friend him" style but heck, im sure you guys will want to know what's going on as well right?

no i dont mind posting in public since he made it such a big issue and a big fuss out of it. since its my blog, and ill give the girl a little privacy, if it wasnt for the girl i would have posted the guys name as well.

anyway im not siding the girl, i just think this is what's right for everyone and shit. im gonna post up how much i know about the whole scene. with here i present you Gossip Boys Episode 2. You Know Youre Gay XOXO.

i have this friend, his name is b and his ex is p. he was with his ex and yes i was friends with his ex too when they were together. i was chatting with his ex online on msn and i guessed her shirt colour and i got it right at first guess, so she was asking me " wow how you know ? " so i said " i put camera in your room ma.. can see you change your bra too :D "

i dont know how offensive can that get because i dont have any intention to watch her change her bra.

so this day b was supposed to come to my house for something, but i wasnt home so i said " go in my house first, im on the way home. " so he went in and surprisingly he went through my chat logs with his ex without myself knowing. he got very offended with the way i was talking to his ex.

he said i didnt respect him as a friend. talking about respect, who's not respecting who ?

1.isnt it obvious its a joke ?
2.its a different story if i really saw her changing her bra, like peeping her.

alright, i cant expect everyone to look things like the way i do, im sorry but wouldnt it be easier if he just respected my privacy instead of going through my chat logs?

since then he restricted his ex, stopped her from talking to me. told her to block and delete me on messenger and alot more.

right i didnt care because if she wants to, its alright to me it really dosent matter but just kinda disappointed because my friend dosent trust me, he thinks imma get his girl.

since then they have been controlling each other very much, telling who to meet and who not to meet i dont care.

come a day where they broke up, and for some strange reason he said he was sick of her and he had enough of her shits, he wants to move on. thats what he told me ? and the way he was acting around with the girls he was getting close with, i would assume, maybe not just me anyone would have assumed that he was trying to move on and find a new love life. i didnt know he was still restricting her from talking to certain guys eventhough she was already his ex, but he can do alot stuff behind her back.

there was one day where me and p finally spoke to each other again, b found out he was pissed at p, because he said she promised him to not talk to me anymore. mind you, they're not together anymore. i slipped tongue saying that night, he wanted to meet this girl and go out with me. she was upset and im like why are you upset? then she was telling that b gets emotional when she talks to other guys, like she herself talking to me, he gets upset but b himself can do it.

so i think there is alot things P should know, like who have he been talking to and stuff, and what have he been doing.

i swear to god she didnt know much about his stuff, only 1/3 i would say, but i guess he stalks her to find out about her stuff and to be emo about. she finally made up her mind and say she had enough, she wants to stand up and see whats good for herself. she took enough of his bullshit.

so b is pissed at me for telling her too many stuff, that apparently he did not do at all such as flirting and stuff, and making out with other people and all. well i only told what i understand to P and if she got it the wrong way , i think B should explain to P if he wanna patch things with P so badly.

and now he's telling me that he actually wanted to patch back with P after asking me " what if i got together with XXXXXX ? " and stuff like that. apparently he told me too that he wants to patch back things with her , but i dont recall at all he did told me.

he wants to patch things, and to stay the same, P not talking to me, he restrict her and he wants her to restrict himself too i guess? instead of making things better he wants to repeat the same mistake.

because of the things i told P, and getting too close to P lately, he blame me for being a not trustable friend, a 7 year friendship i fucked it up because of a girl i knew in less than a month, i had intentions to screw his relationship, my attitude is fucked up thats why my old friends like shazrie and kevin are pissed at me, he claims i dont know how to stay and keep a distance from the girl my friends likes and i am the reason for all his love problems such as this girl name MY back in 2006 , he was really in love with her till i got together with her then only his turn, but she fucked him up. he blamed me and bring out the past.

i dont understand how he relate me , telling truth to his ex, p about things he did behind her back to all these.

if you trusted your girlfriend, this wouldnt be like this. you would have let her, set her free and if she falls for me, you have to improve yourself. be emo but theres no one else to blame if she falls for someone else. dont tie her up like a dog.

maybe he thinks he is pissed at me and i should be sorry,

but im posting this in public i want all of you to read and understand. i might not know everything about he and p, but as far as im concerned, between myself and b, this is what i see and what i know.

you be the judge.

to be continued, XOXO. GOSSIP BOYS EPISODE 3 COMING UP NEXT..........

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Food Post #213423.

ive used all 3 lines, Maxis, Digi and Celcom, and the best will always be Maxis, then Digi and lastly Celcom (fail shit).

maybe its because im using Maxis Youth Club, but you cant deny that the hot ticket for hotlink its so fucking good.


with this RM15 ticket, you get i think la, 150 minutes of talk time ? and 300 sms to any number (Y) and with the ticket after you scratch it, you get 2pc KFC fried chicken. how good is that ? plus when i bought this, i get the free 2 coupons behind for some promo in KFC. MAXIS WIN


right its just kfc so nothing special. everyone knows how kfc taste like.

here i am blogging about Wong Si Nai for the 1231241 time and i still think everyone of you should go and try.


this is the sambal chicken.

the portion will be about the same like above you can choose the style of cooking like mushroom, blackpepper, tomyam and all will be chicken, no pork no beef (Y)

its right infront of Pudu LRT station btw.


this is asam laksa right behind petaling street.

i dont know how to tell you the location of this place but you see somewhere in petaling street , theres buildings and go behind the "shopping mall" kinda like. their curry mee is also fucking good (Y)


bak kut teh at taman midah.

i dont know the name of the shop but its like some stall, under one roof and its right next to 7-eleven. the bak kut teh taste like bak kut teh but whats the best part about this is the rice.


you can order yam rice. its so fucking good i personally ate 3 bowls myself.

there's this place somewhere in seri kembangan, there's a buffet bbq for about rm30 per pax after tax, its also like a under-one-roof concept its not in a shop so it looks like a typical chinese restaurant but its not,


its also fucking good they have lamb, pork, chicken wing and seriously, its only rm30. that's wei xiang right before he was drunk. you can have carlsberg and end up like xiang too :D

we all know in bukit bintang its kinda impossible to find cheap food, cheapest should be like mcd or snowflake, which will not make you full at all. here's one somewhere behind farentheit88



there's this one miserable place in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by shop houses facing starhill parking entrance from the back. its a food court , in the night i think they have yummy seafood there but noon, find ezry corner and with rm4, you get to choose one type of nasi goreng with telur mata, and a drink. (Y) fucking cheap ey ?

their tomyam also fucking good, but slightly more expensive if you want the set. i think rm5 or rm5.50.


this is claypot fish head noodle somewhere in jalan raja laut. if you follow my blog you will know i always go to this place called Ang Hock for bak kut teh in the morning like 5am, and this shop selling claypot fish head noodles its just right below it. well its open during lunch time im not sure about dinner.

that big fucking pot i think can share for 3 person it cost rm12. wait, 3 big eaters.

i went this place last 3 weeks, i think its called cicio ? i dont remember the name of the place but its at changkat bukit bintang. i think they're food mmg not bad la, and the price also i would say reasonable i think ?



and this drink i think the colour damn cute lor .


shit i forgot the name for this.

i dont know where else to have japanese buffet, i havent tried shogun, i havent tried saisaki but they're the same arent they ? Tenji looks boring to me, the last i went to jogoya was bullshit. now this one looks like the best one so far


i tell you the beef from a - z the parts and the name in japanese its so fucking good i think that day me, gary and tk ate a cow ourself man.

this one i dont have picture of the beef. damn but its amazing la. besides the beef you have like a normal buffet and you can have sashimi unlimited like sliced salmon and sotong all


like this. (Y)


when you order a set in carls jr, i would say its best if you upgrade your fries to chili cheese fries. wonderful (Y) add a few bucks you get that sauce all over your fries.

well, those are the places i would recommend you to eat if youre looking for yummy food (Y)

here are the random shits.


doraemon mooncake lol


bentley at drive thru!


its written BANGBUS at the back of this volkswagen minibus lol



Saturday, October 23, 2010

here's a random blog post.

the star has the best ideas for publishing sometimes. look at this.


lampard's face as the picture for goal line technology. poor thing, we all know he scored against germany, the ball went over the line but referee said it wasnt a goal.

and here's my idea of mcshaker


Shake It & Taste It. I'm Loving It !


Goncang & Nikmati. I'm Loving It !


and knowing me ill never miss this part for my blog.

the place, its called Sa Ba and there's only 2 branches, one in cyberjaya another in setiawangsa and the food there is fucking good, unlike the one jarrel said, what shit sinbad ? fail forever.



nope not expensive, approx like rm 15 - rm20 for that big plate of rice and rm17 for this kebab ?