Wednesday, October 31, 2007

went to wong kok to meet up with kevin, thomas and zewei. yumcha there while teman kevin. something like a outing for his birthday

chocolate lava.

while having dinner, my aunt's fone didnt have line. she was using digi. she tought her phone spoiled or something. so i checked my digi phone, also didnt have line. then suddenly my dad said " ohh the yellow guys are malays, they cant follow you in this bak kut teh shop"

Monday, October 29, 2007

today, went to pavillion with james.

in the bus. if you dont like my shirt, kiss this =D.

so while we were on our way down, bryan goh texted us and asked us if we wana meet up with him, jen yen , mun fei and li huey. so we went to times sq first.

meet mun fei. the guy that looks like the VCD seller.

mun fei and me =D. he's a nice guy =)

after that, went to pavillion.

my second time there.

we went there to look for jobs. first we went to baskin robins. the pay is quite low. rm3.50 per hour. but they like wana employ us. then we went to extreme but they said there's no more place.

in extreme.

then we just walk around while waiting for shaun. we went in this bookstore named times.

they use mac to look for books wtf?

then we went to paul frank. my favourite shop =D monkeys!

look at the monkey so cute.

there also full bleh. so after shaun came, we went G2000.

in G2000.

3 of us applied, then the manager only want to employ shaun because his 16th birthday over already. me and james was like wtf we were here so long we cant get a confirmed job and he just came and got one already. babi fucker. after that liyana called and say that shes comming over to bukit bintang.

me and liyana, and james looking at something behind. XD
nadira's open house =D. thanks nadira.

me, nadira and shaun.

me and marques

monitor and assistant =D

the guys

the lambda-ians

while waiting for table at cueball.

at ampang point. nice leh my fone.

will upload more pics when i get the pics =D.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

haiyaaaa damn lazy wana blog la dont know why also. blehh. one shot blog about one whole week laa XD.

21st october, the last day of work in kenny rogers.

my last free meal from kenny rogers. i cilok the rice to the maximum =D

the crew in the kitchen, except the one in pink. shes the manager

pics pics =D
after we finished working, we went and bought movie tickets, bourne ultimatium. the movie was at 7 sumthing but we finish work at 5. so we lepak at the stairs. wanted to waste some time.

after that the guard halau us. so we had nothing else to do. then they suggested to come over to my house. on the way to my house, we saw this house o.o!

that was the notice on the gate o.o i tak paham.

later tk sent us back to leisure mall to watch the movie. after movie went lepak in popular and james' eyes was like paining so he walked around like this

22nd October, monday. pay day =D

yes. payday.

after we got our salary we wanted to watch movie again. so we went and bought tickets for the seeker. we had another 2 hours to waste. so while waiting i went to the bank to bank in my money. outside the bank i saw this car o.o!

after that we went to leisure mall rooftop. something like that.

andrew being gay.

after that they came my house again and waste time then go watch the movie. that movie sucked like shit. dont watch it. and yaba yaba nothing much.

23rd October, tuesday.

after school went to times sq to meet up with jo - dee and siew ling. we went gasoline. the food there really sucked.

and this chocolate drink cost me rm6. what the fark -.-.

24th October, wednesday.

one more last day to finish exam. well not much different to me actually. after school wanted to go watch bourne ultimatium with tarkeshh and yudesh but the only movie was at 6 45. so we didnt watch. we went for lunch at delifrance.

after that i saw theres this new burger in mcD. i wana try it so badly that i force yudesh to share with me because it was like rm16 for the set -.-.

the burger =D yummy.

after that i went to sg wang to apply the job in parkson but they reject me motherfuckers. im only 2 months away from 16. later on the way back home, mei kay texted tk and ask me and tk to go pasar malam. so we went back had dinner and go pasar malam straight. oh and mei kay can drive already =)

mei kay in her carr

25th October, thursday.

the last day of exams. but before the exams over, were already celebrating. we wasted time at the staircase there because both the papers starting after recess.

i put negative mode on the camera so we can see karthigan clearly.

HAHAHA sorry gan but this pic is chun rite? =p


gan and me

shaun with the RED cloth XD.

desmond the super whatever man


king kong the trailer XD!

how to open a durian =D

after recess, we play tut tut train all the way back up the class screaming cluster tak dapat exam whatever all we screaming.

us -.-

26th October, Friday. Friendly between form 4 - form 3.

i was suppose to go sch at 8 to play the game between form 4 and form 3. but when i woke up it was 8.30. omg wtf quickly rushed to sch then they said oh the game delayed. teacher don let the form 3 out till 9.30 swt luckly. so we take pics and videos

a video of karthigan putting sunblock. hahaha! no difference if he put that also.


tharrmaraj was the left wing o.O! marques was the striker and thiban was the left back. and we still end up winning the form 3. =D 2 -1.

after the game.

later evening, shazrie came my house to overnight in my house with andrew

this was how shazrie slept.

27th October, Saturday.

went to klcc with audrey, frieda ( sorry if i spell your name wrongly), hannah and diana. after i makan i went to madam kwan's to meet up with audrey, frieda and hannah.

what frieda and audrey had.

frieda playing my fone.

after that they went to isetan.

and then went dome. audrey really can eat o.o

she ate this o.o.

then topshop.
i was commenting about the price of the clothes in topshop.

thanks to audrey for the outing pictures.

after that i went back home because i don wana kacau them do their shopping.

the 3 coloured sky i saw on the way home from the bus stop.

more pics from bum. when i was working there.

me, sally and nurul.
nurul and me. cute girl.