Monday, September 29, 2008


I'm shooting subash and they cannot defend him, so they shoot me and my mother? wanna hang my balls on christmast tree because i kutuk subash. lol. and look, they both speak the same thing if you noticed. May be the same person.

and omg, they were shocked i knew what was sex? haha? that one i dont like hmp!


26 Sep 08, 21:31

The rev: lol, bryant knows what is sex

26 Sep 08, 21:31

The rev: ppl give a big round of applause

26 Sep 08, 21:31

The rev: wey u noe wat is sex

26 Sep 08, 21:31

21Street Boy: we have a 17 yr old fat **** talking bout sex to us la wey

26 Sep 08, 21:28

Ja Rule: mummy says i'll hang it on da christmas tree and bryant an christmas morning u can have it

26 Sep 08, 21:27

Ja Rule: bryant wants his testacles as his christmas present

26 Sep 08, 21:27

Ja Rule: no no no i'm gay

26 Sep 08, 21:26

The rev: i got no balls and my teacher gay

26 Sep 08, 21:26

Ja Rule: mummy says y?

26 Sep 08, 21:26

21Street Boy: mummy i dunt wanna go tuition

26 Sep 08, 21:26

The rev: smalll kid crying to his mummy

26 Sep 08, 21:26

The rev: ahahahhahah

this one, wanna wack me wanna run to church. talk also never think. relate subash gay or not with my mother. tembak martin, then subash gay or not, then my mother. sebiji with Ja Rule, The Rev and 21streetboy. relate one thing to another like stupid.


28 Sep 08, 09:53

babe_chick: SPM... Thank u for ur time. Rushing To church... Bye SISSY POT. and check ur balls...

28 Sep 08, 09:52

babe_chick: hearing bout ur sissy pot blog... dont let the other '05 members to be in front of ur school on ur..

28 Sep 08, 09:48

babe_chick: ok to have better results, u can try on ur mom too, if u r not a sissy,,

28 Sep 08, 09:47

babe_chick: mom screaming when her ***** being teared...

28 Sep 08, 09:46

babe_chick: SO, REPLY ME, WHEN UR MOM IS READY FOR A ACTUALL BANG... i have too many '05 members to

witness ur..

28 Sep 08, 09:45

babe_chick: THE GAY...

28 Sep 08, 09:45

babe_chick: She will tell who is the actuall man she wants in her life... So eventually the other one will be..

28 Sep 08, 09:44

babe_chick: Let ur dad to bang ur mom and then subash to bang...

28 Sep 08, 09:44

babe_chick: what we can do is, invite ur mom, dad and Subash(Gay) as u said..

28 Sep 08, 09:44

babe_chick: and ya, u said that he is a GAY? Hey sissy pot, now lets have some prove over here,..

28 Sep 08, 09:42

babe_chick: Martin just because subash was there, and what u know bout subash u bastard...

28 Sep 08, 09:42

babe_chick: U sucked Martins ****? Or Kungs ****? Both were hopeless ass holes... We bunch of

friends went to..

28 Sep 08, 09:41

babe_chick: What fauck qualification that u have? to talk bout, Subash?

right after babe_chick say chow, gotta go, Ruben came in and gave a speech. again relate one thing to another. see from subash we come to my mother. and the word imperial pot, sissy pot all, dont la use the same word, if same person i understand la. kolot already la pot pot. sumore say smart science student dont need add maths class? subash la thought him. talk about mother again. aiyo all talk about my mother.


28 Sep 08, 11:19

Rueben: and the imperial pot u were talking... **** man... why so many tuition class 4 u?

28 Sep 08, 11:21

Rueben: hey smart science stream student (as subash told us) dont need a maths class! u pundek! dumb pundek!

28 Sep 08, 11:23

Rueben: ur mama must be embarased 4 u! pundek! and ya... print all this and give to ur loyal pundek frends..

and after Ruben gave a speech, Wong Q.H la came, saying he first time viewing blog thing, how la he knew yewjin's blog got a subash war? and so ngam he know alot about subash wan ar? relate one thing to another again? what does peoples cbox have to do with their girlfriends? how to cover up? o.O


28 Sep 08, 13:41

Wong Q.H.: since u borrow ur blogs, cbox? so u ppl cover up by having a gal fren, is it?

28 Sep 08, 13:39

Wong Q.H.: and u luk lk gay toooo.. u r, datin any guys? tt Bryantt guy perhaps?

28 Sep 08, 13:36

Wong Q.H.: hmmmmm, ur gal frend, fooo, is she good in blow job? her mouth is wiiiideeeeeeee.... :)

28 Sep 08, 13:35

Wong Q.H.: since they produce films... u cant figure tt?

28 Sep 08, 13:35

Wong Q.H.: ur post on the lrt.. ya, true big companies advertise tt way, so genius parade is obviously a big on

28 Sep 08, 13:34

Wong Q.H.: don prove sciece students r stupid ass lk u.

28 Sep 08, 13:33

Wong Q.H.: i just went through this blog, yew jin, u suck man!...

28 Sep 08, 13:32

Wong Q.H.: my 1st time in blogs, whatever...

omg all of them type all the same, doing the same thing, looking for my mother. relate one thing to another. and knows about sbu wan. D: WHO COULD IT BE, BETA BOY?

Yes you can now purchase the ISSACODE CBOX PART II from me. Part I still got. :D