Thursday, April 30, 2009

i dont go to clubs, i don't smoke, i dont drink anymore, i dont race but i still bang, i hardly watch football but now im trying to watch all the matches lah. FUCK WHY I SO FUCKING LIFELESS WAN ? all i do is just eat when im bored and even worst when i dont want to think i just eat so this explains why im always blogging about food and making my readers hungry middle of the night.

okay i know the previous burger picture looks like brain, intestine , testical whatever lah its really nice ok we bet i take you there to eat that burger.

there's another place which sells super burger ramli also, outside where i always play futsal on tuesdays lol. perfect place to sell burger.


the black pepper sauce flooded my mouth wei :D

see ? food again.

so faris and awi overnight my house after futsal and broke my fucking bed -.-



there la winning eleven sampai syok go break my bed pantat


serious doh my april this year fucking malang -.- now i tak ada katil.

the best part was when we watched chelsea against barca and stayed up all night talking about our relationships, problems etc LIKE FUCKING GAYS WEI ahaha

how far have you gone with your ex?


part of the conversation.

i must thank tan mei yean for these jogoya coupons. omg i terharu la you ingat me you terfikir of me tai sek la okayy ? ahah :D


dude come on man you have something like that which expires the end of this month are you gona let it rot ? i won't :D i thought maybe going for the supper wont have so many people but wtf, there's a queue for supper?


and the best part was when its my turn at the end there he said

non reservation this side please. * points to the left*

mahai line up again. -.-

but it was worth the queue-ing up


nice enviroment, nice food


nice chicks. eh wait, look again



i know i jakut stop insulting me i can never afford jogoya without this coupon.

the food there was super but whats better than super was these


soft shell crab with mayo




pasta soup shit in some puff


and ofcourse,


omg seriously, i only had this ice cream once , and that was with my ex at bukit bintang when i didnt have enough to buy just one scoop ahaha.

but honestly, it's not so much of a japanese buffet la. its more to a normal buffet. food is super, but not much japanese food.

i went youtube to search saosin - voices live because i dont belive he can sing like how he sang in the record. he can but in a different way. still super vocalist and at the same time noticed the drummer for saosin looks like kaka.


alex rodriguez



Monday, April 27, 2009

shaz never fail to let me eat good fucking food man. i know you all might be bored of me posting pictures of food but aiyoo i want to share ma :P and at the same time make all of you hungry.

this buger ramli is super i swear.

burger daging ayam special + cheese.


o mama. you gota have a bite of this man. i was high :D

where else can i be when i dont get enough food ?

but yesterday was super interesting la i was eating fried chicken then i saw flying ice water, flying kari and flying hot milo with broken glass on the floor.




lol priceless face.

i was watching wigan - blackburn la at the same time. so i assumed that this was how it started.

i told you to bet on blackburn.

no you said wigan

no i said blackburn



*flying ice water

and im sorry liy and mei yen for bringing you along with me to jamming and do shit there you were bored and i sang like balls today. sorry liy again for not being able to teman you to pool. :(

why i keep bringing people to jamming when i know its gona be dead bored ?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

aduhai, everyday keluar and balik tengah malam mati la i. finally i got chance to update my blog.


w00ts. macam kereta baru sial. everything new ady -.- pray for my car not to masuk kilang again lah pls T.T

so friday after tinting my car, went for movie with liy. im not scared of ghost movies tau, i scared suddenly terkejut mahai i lompat wan ar.


the uninvited.

damn stupid sial. the whole movie psycho movie pepet. 5 / 10. no comment.

and saturday went to watch another movie with sook yee.


CHEE BYE AR WHY I WATCH SO BANYAK PSYCHO MOVIES !? damn tulan lor the near end part of the show, they reveal this stupid boy is a psycho and its all in his head -.-

i rate this 6/10.

besides the movies, guess what i found ?


fuck, college sent my assesment results to my house . i hailat already cannot play so much. T.T

basically i failed all you know. who wouldnt la ? sleeping during the test. besides those who tiru la :P high school never ends la :D

friday midnight i was telling jen yen i was bored and he sent me so guess what i went and search ?

i found..


mahai, serious priceless. compare to this.


jenyen ! ahaha !

and thank you kristy for belanja-ing meeee :)


and to rachel or uncle if you happen to read this sorryy about semalamm wont happen againn janji :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

shit, i forgot to take a picture of my car. its backk :D

my car like brand new only. the front part all new, the side door there new. the total money spend on my car can buy another one kut.

i had this asam laksa for my lunch today and whoah its wonderful man, katrin if you're reading this, find one fine afternoon i take you there makan.


madras lane.

i went to st. john with jen yen since my class ended early today and i saw something gila chun.


if sbu got that peti, die la. i sure spam everyday.

i think that the 3rd workshop i sent my car to is super chun, but only they delay the car collection date la. other than that the workshop is super cool, because i can watch football while waiting for them to get my car ready.


beckham still rock la. i have to admit it la. bangga la you penn.

night, i went to cueball with liy. my god i feel like a pussy playing with her. she fucking pro man.


cikgu :D

and the noob -.-


Thursday, April 23, 2009

stevens corner is love man. im there almost every night. ayam goreng T.T i have to cut down on my supper or else my weight will be 3 digit wtf :(


penn i still dont know why you wont like stevens corner.

look at the size of his mouth, he can gulp the whole potong, maybe with another 4 more one go in his mouth.


it looks obscene though.

finally i have this picture macha. this one is priceless. wei xiang was supposed to send this to his girlfriend and he accidentaly send to jenyen. lol priceless serious funny shit


hahahaha !

and oh, happy belated birthday jie yingg im so sorry i didnt know when was your birthday i love you banyakk ! i'll buy you a present when we go out kaay ?

and happy belated birthday to sarah too. sorry i didnt do much for you i had to go econs and you have alot other people to layan you :D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

im online from my papa's office now and so i saw my own messenger.


not fair man. i want to rematch. i wish i can thou. 12 days ago lol :/
alamak penny, aku pula insomnia. tak apa i'll blog about semalam.

so far so good, nothing happen today. nothing went missing.

im again late for law class, and i skipped the performance, shut up my classmates :P


so i saw this brunei dude's ic and his student card oh wtf ? lol



anyway, this is the best part. after class, kuan yee bought me a drink at starbucks. woohoo :D:D


thank you cheerleader :D

sorry lar i cant afford a new camera to camwhore laa you bring la your camera.


so she said that if we do this, we wont have double chin.



anyway ill find a day when im financially stable and i buy you back a meal + a drink kay ? :D

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

so this is my weekend.

saturday, sbu iu's day. honestly i didnt pay for it and omfg, jing yi is super tall.


food and drinks x cukup ahh :(

and jamming. we jam saosin songs alot now and im vocalist wtf?


that's awi still singing because he has stamina -.-

i was excited when papa said " lets go pizza hut for dinner. " not until i saw the food. wtf i cook better.



the pasta give so sikit , baik takyah mahai. the pizza also oily semacam. dominos trash pizza hut :D

at the same time, im starting to play my playstation again and i want to start watching football again :D:D


playstation :D

sunday, i lost my fucking wallet. which caused my monday to be like this.


police report. luckily you cant enlarge, or you will laugh your ass off.


Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara.


crap i look fucking fat in my new ic.

later i went to check out my car. oh how i miss my saga.



that day my car koyak like pepet now ok ady :D

and at the same time i saw this car.


LOOK MACHA ! 350z MAN RM600k w00ts.


aiyo wtf half gone ?

look closely


the drivers legs must be gone lah ?

oy i got new driving license i wont bang ady woohooo


last time it starts with the alphabet B. now its A :D