Monday, March 24, 2008

here's PESS iu day performance video. haihh. so sad. =/

16th march, Sunday.

The Bukit Tinggi Lunch.

frog soup with me o.O? frog or toad i dont know.

tortoise =x

yellow watermelon.

wei xiang's new sign.

17th march, monday.

First day of MSSKL Olahraga.

tarkessh charging his phone at the stadium, saying that we should use the gov. money wisely. XD.

This Is Group Sex.

wei xiang's new car.



see who all playing counter strike =3


then to school for interact.

arnold's magic. maybe only some of you will understand this =D

18th march, Tuesday

Adidas Deodorant Ad.

meet adidas new models. replacing zidane.

tested. okay to use, anywhere including your.. hair -.-

malaysia runner.

lambda's "best" prefect -.-

4x100m runners.

caught sbs students doing their exams at the stadium. gila kesian =3

outside stadium.

flip flops o.o

see how happy wei xiang is.

i cant fucking belive wei xiang listen to F4 songs -.- METEOR RAINNN

20th march, thursday

Prophet Muhammad's Birthday.

went to mcd, and compare the size of the burger there with carl jr.'s

Fillet - O - Fish. Nothing compared to carls jr's =p

found some typo around times sq. tk spotted it.

its fucking huge okay.

21st march, Friday.

Last Day of MSSKL Olahraga. damn im gona miss those girls =(

ran out the stadium because cik tengku wont let us go away untill the closing ceremony. went to meet wei xiang at school. he was suppose to pick me, khong, desmond, julian, andrew and jen yen... untill i saw he drove this car to school.


khong, des and andrew had to take a cab to ampang themself, while we went back to xiang house because we CANNOT TAHAN THE CAR. THE AIR COND SUCKS AND GOT PETROL SMELL ALL OVER, GOT NO SUSPENSION. very bad car to drive in the afternoon. watch the video.

22nd march, Saturday.

my cute slippers i bought at the flip flop galore xD.

bought a mentos that's for sale only in indonesia o.o

new sticker on my bass. Learning yo!

23rd march, Sunday.

Friendly match in Bangi.

sat gary's car to bangi.

playing cards -.-

Tech Fc. 10 cars.

the field.

Tech Fc 2 - 3 Some Unknown Team.

Night, to planet hollywood.

yum =3

watched Manchester United vs. Liverpool there. full of shit man that game.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

13th march, thursday

went to pelita for nasi kandar after futsal.

rm9.70 -.-

then to jamming and stayed over julian's.

14th march, friday.

shaun and julian in boxers.

subash's after jamming

pancur kering XD.

15th march, saturday.

PESS IU DAY. my band performance was sad. =( were sorry people =(.

the lift got stuck.

faris ahah.


my pants look retarded o.o

had my most convo's.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

7th march, friday

to school for interact and jamming

nice leh..

then to times sq, waited for khong to finish his movie and to ampang for jamming again.

mr. cosmo whatever o.o nyahah


8th march, saturday.

after subash, went to carrefour
omfg.. -.-

then to mydin with dad.

disposable undrewear for men o.o

bought myself an alarm clock =3

10th march, monday.

went to pavillion with nicole, julian, kristy and rachel to collect my hutang from nicole. nyehhe carls jr.

nicole belanja this wan also. her fingers.

played chess with her, she kalah nyahahah =p

wah little bit more =p

then nicole belanja movie again. wahh so baik ahh nicole. hahaha =D thank you la. naaa got your name here ar.. =p

after movie lol

gay dude infront pavillion

then to starbucks while waiting for my dad, with julian.

pavillion at night.

11th march, tuesday.

weeeee =)

to pavillion again, for carls jr, again. omfg im gettin fatter =(


mine = O

a combination of carls jr ad. lol lol

finally, received my first cheque from nuffnang =DDD

had this really weird conversation on burgers and sex with nadhir and kristy nyahahah